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SpaceX Falcon 9 lands at Space Center Houston

I visited Space Center Houston, the official visitor center to NASA Johnson Space Center, earlier this year and saw the empty exhibit awaiting the arrival of spaceflight-proven Falcon 9 rocket.

The Level 9 tour (I’ll share photos from the awesome VIP tour soon) took up the only day I had in town so I already need to go back to explore the museum. Now I have another excuse to make the trip.

Here’s what the empty exhibit looked like last month:

The view with the historic NASA 905 shuttle carrier aircraft and the shuttle replica Independence nearby will be stunning, and that’s just what you see in the parking lot.

Today the SpaceX launcher landed at its new destination:

Another shot shared by Space Center Houston:

And this collection of views:

Imagine seeing that massive rocket on the road in transit!

Space Center Houston has a video rendering of how the final exhibit will look when it’s complete:

Johnson Space Center in Houston is home to control center for the International Space Station, and SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule have been crucial in sending supplies to astronauts for the last several years.

UPDATE 3/10/20: