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Musk be on Mars: Luxury brand taking pre-orders for $5,000 SpaceX iPhone 12 Pro concept

Luxury technology company Caviar has unveiled its latest limited-run product: the Musk be on Mars iPhone. The custom-designed smartphone features a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft graphic celebrating the first crewed SpaceX mission as well as the “Musk be on Mars” tagline.

Caviar’s offerings regularly include reimagining popular smartphones and other devices with precious metals and jewels. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the company launch a custom iPhone honoring Elon Musk; Caviar previously unveiled “Cyberphone,” an iPhone 11 Pro decked out to look like the Tesla Cybertruck.

The new custom Musk be on Mars iPhone is up for pre-order and is said to use the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 12 Pro. Pricing starts just shy of $5,000 and goes up to $6,150 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512GB of storage. Caviar says it is making 19 of these in total for the limited run (although images show X/99 markings).

The fully custom backplate with an image of the Crew Dragon spacecraft, “Musk be on Mars” phrase, and imitation Elon Musk signature is made out of titanium, according to the Russian company. Meanwhile, Caviar claims a tiny piece of material is embedded from “the SpaceX mission that was in space” (look for the shard in the small circle below the spacecraft).

Set aside Caviar’s reputation for being a bit ridiculous and this is still a dubious claim. Like, what, how? There’s also a Soyuz version that’s somehow less gaudy.

Caviar shared this outlandish description of the Musk be on Mars iPhone 12 (with a random, unrelated space shuttle mention thrown in for good measure):

The body of the model Discovery Musk Go To Mars has a built-in real piece of the SpaceX mission that was in space. This is not just an accessory, this is a valuable artifact. Owning it, you become a member of a space shuttle crew, a piece of history, a hero who conquers the space.

It probably goes without saying that your money should be spent elsewhere — even Caviar’s custom Nikes from the same collection seem like a wiser investment.