Take an outer space road trip with the new Apple Arcade game ‘Next Stop Nowhere’

Next Stop Nowhere space adventure game

Apple’s game service has been regularly adding new titles since the platform debuted in 2019. And the newest game offers players the adventure of a road trip through a “cutthroat vision of outer space.”

Next Stop Nowhere is a space adventure with a rich narrative, intelligent conversation system that affects the outcomes of the game, a spaceship with a “personality,” a unique imagining of space, and much more.

Play as Beckett, a simple courier living a simple life until a chance encounter with former bounty hunter Serra throws him into an adventure he never expected. And might not survive.

Next Stop Nowhere comes from the developer Night School Studio who created the highly-rated Oxenfree and Afterparty.

Features for Night School Studio’s new space adventure include:

  • An intelligent conversation system with branching dialogue that changes your relationships and the story based on every decision
  • A spaceship that comes fully equipped with his own personality
  • A completely unique version of space (the outer reaches of a dilapidated galaxy) filled with colorful skies, treacherous asteroids and a several orbits to explore
  • A thrilling and thoughtful narrative brought to life by a vibrant cast of voice actors
  • Cross-device play through Apple Arcade

If you haven’t tried out Apple Arcade you can give it a spin with a free one-month trial. The service offers over 100 games, no-ads, ability to play offline, and more.

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