Apple simulates space to demonstrate iPhone 12 camera in latest ‘Experiments’ video

Apple has a series on YouTube called ‘Experiments’ that routinely shows off iPhone camera capabilities. For the newly released iPhone 12, Apple is using space as the inspiration to demonstrate new iPhone fetures . The results are rather beautiful.

Apple commissioned a company called Incite to create the props for and film the video. When you initially watch it, you will see many scenes that are reminiscent of things you might see in outer space. Despite this, it was all filmed in a studio using things such as plasma and ferrofluid.

Due to the aspect ratio that the video was filmed in, you can clearly see that it was meant to be viewed on an iPhone, but it’s still enjoyable on any screen.

Source: Apple

A big draw of this year’s iPhone camera is the new LiDAR sensor. The sensor allows users to do things such as taking 3D scans of real-world objects or measuring someone’s height.

While LiDAR may be new to the iPhone, it isn’t something new to the space community. LiDAR is currently used for many different purposes on many different space-faring vehicles. One of the more exciting uses of it will be in NASA’s Artemis program. LiDAR will be used in the program to aid in landing astronauts on the Moon in 2024. It will give the astronauts a much more detailed view of the terrain they are attempting to land on as opposed to radar such a landing would typically use.

As you can see, LiDAR can be used for something as simple as taking a better photo to something as complex as landing humans on the moon. That’s pretty amazing.

You can also see how the video was created below.

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