NASA is looking for partners to ‘capture the awe of Apollo for a new generation’

Over the next decade, NASA plans to explore the moon and hopefully establish a long-term human presence on the lunar surface. However, this time around, NASA wants partners to strap camera equipment to their space-faring vehicles to “visually bring the public along for the ride in new ways.”

NASA has released the “Announcement for Proposals,” which outlines companies’ process to submit a proposal if they wish to partner with the agency. The partner(s) that is accepted will be given unprecedented access to NASA’s Artemis spacecraft and crew. This access would start with the Artemis II mission in 2023, where NASA plans to have astronauts orbit the moon and then return to Earth.

The agency has stated that it is looking for “partners to use advanced technologies, imagery applications and approaches that will go beyond our standard coverage on NASA TV.” The hardware examples that NASA references are things such as 360-degree cameras, 4K cameras, and small portable cameras for crew use.

On top of providing advanced recording hardware, NASA wants selected partners to “help tell the story of exploring the Moon” and “capture the awe of Apollo for a new generation.” A rather monumental and challenging task for any company to undertake, but a significant one, nonetheless.

Broadcasters, studios, aerospace companies, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations are examples of the types of partners NASA is looking for. The selected partners are also expected to collaborate in order to create a cohesive story that grabs the interest of a new generation.

This offering from NASA provides companies a unique opportunity to record and tell the story of one of the most important moments in space history. Hopefully, this is something that NASA will continue to do with future missions to inspire the next generation of astronauts and get the general population interested in space.


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