Virgin Galactic forced to ‘pause’ VSS Unity flight test plans at Spaceport America

Virgin Galactic has delayed its planned flight of Virgin SpaceShip Unity from Spaceport America this week. CEO Michael Colglazier cited cited guidance from the New Mexico Department of Health during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as reason for the need to reschedule.

‘With the health and safety of our team members in mind, and in accordance with the recent direction from the New Mexico Department of Health, we will be minimizing our New Mexico operations to the greatest degree possible. While these new restrictions cause us to adjust our flight schedule, we take this pause in stride and will be prepared to resume our pre-flight procedures and announce a new test flight window as soon as we can. Our team members at Virgin Galactic, our Future Astronauts, and our fans around the world remain incredibly excited for our upcoming spaceflight.’

Virgin Galactic

VSS Unity is being developed as a suborbital spaceplane capable of flying crew on commercial spaceflights.


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