Commander Mike Hopkins sharing bunk inside SpaceX Crew Dragon cockpit with Baby Yoda

What’s a commander to do when there aren’t enough designated sleeping spots on the International Space Station? Bunk out in the docked SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule with Baby Yoda!

We’ve known Crew Dragon has been Commander Mike Hopkins’ preferred sleeping chamber on the International Space Station since his arrival.

Hopkins and three other Crew-1 astronauts joined Kate Rubins on the US Orbital Segment last week, but the segment isn’t actually designed to sleep five astronauts right now. An additional sleeping pod will arrive at some point.

As commander of the capsule, Hopkins volunteered to use the spacecraft’s cockpit as his crew quarters in the meantime. “I’ve been getting adjusted to life on Space Station, including setting up my new crew quarters in the cockpit of Dragon Resilience,” Hopkins tweeted.

Now we have a first-hand look at what it’s like to bunk inside a SpaceX capsule docked to the space station:


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