Starlink will be available in Greece in early 2021

It is being reported that SpaceX’s Starlink service will be rolling out to Greece in the first quarter of 2021. The report claims that the company has already contacted the Hellenic Telecommunications and Posts Commission (EETT) to acquire the necessary licenses to operate in the country.

Starlink being available in Greece would be a game-changer for the country’s residents. The local internet providers are currently relying on outdated technology and infrastructure, meaning slow speeds and constant interruptions to service. Even within Greece’s capital, the available internet service is not ideal.

Beta testers of the Starlink internet service within the US have been getting 150 Mb/s download speeds on average. Even though Starlink would cost residents about 20 percent more than their average local internet provider, it’s superior download speeds and reliability will likely be enough to entice many residents to make the switch.

Via Ekathimerini

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