SpaceX plans to offer Starlink coverage to the majority of the United States by mid to late 2021

Starlink, SpaceX’s high-speed satellite-based internet service, has been in development for several years now and for the last three years, SpaceX has been launching satellites into orbit on their own dedicated missions. The company has launched over 1 thousand satellites and has over 10 thousand beta testers in the northern latitudes of the US and Canada with another pair attempting to launch from both of their launch pads in Florida.

SpaceX launched their last Starlink mission last Thursday from SLC-40 dubbed Starlink 18 which passed the Starlink 17 mission to launch due to more time being needed to conduct additional checkouts on the rocket. The next Starlink mission, Starlink 19, is expected to launch from SLC-40 as early as Friday with time to launch two or three more Starlink missions by the end of February.

SpaceX has made it its mission to continue building out the expected 12 thousand satellite constellation as well as expand their beta program to as many as possible. According to the new Starlink sign up site, SpaceX is planning to be able to provide service to the entire continental United States by mid to late 2021. This quick build-up of satellites allows more users to join the service allowing them to choose between local land-based internet speeds and prices or Starlink’s $99 per month service with varying speeds based on location and bandwidth.

The service originally took your address and email then notified you when you could purchase the hardware and finish signing up for the service. Now you enter your address and email like before then can pay a $99 refundable deposit to hold your spot inline for when service reaches your area. Then when you’re time is up, you will then get to choose if you want to spend the upfront $549 for the equipment and shipping.

Starlink-18 streak over the east coast of Florida. By: An Tran for Space Explored

For address in both the northern United States all the way down to South Florida, both offered service in mid to late 2021. The selection is based on a first come first serve basis so if you think you are a potential customer of Starlink, it’s best to secure your spot in line sooner rather than later.

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