For the first time, two SpaceX boosters stand vertical in Port Canaveral

In the last 2 weeks, SpaceX has launched 3 Starlink missions with a total of 180 satellites deployed into low Earth orbit. SpaceX has been increasing its launch cadence all year, pushing what some thought was possible. With increased operations at the port to get the just received droneship back out to sea, SpaceX churned out Starlink missions like they were routine.

SpaceX uses two droneships on the East coast to handle their increased cadence of missions. Of Course I Still Love You and Just Read The Instructions have been workhouses for SpaceX for the past couple of years to recover these boosters after they launch.

SpaceX has built up quite an efficient system of alternating between their launch pads and droneships to launch as many Starlink missions as possible to build their ever-growing constellation on internet satellites. This last week they launched two within just a few days of each other. With amazing timing, the second booster returned to port for the first time with an already vertical booster on the docks.

The next launch for SpaceX is another Starlink mission slated to take place possibly this weekend. This launch will tie SpaceX’s record for 4 launches in a month, leaving enough room for a possible fifth next week.
Video taken by Jenny Hautmann for Space Explored

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