Rare view from SpaceX Starship High Bay in Boca Chica, TX [Video]

SpaceX’s presence down at their private spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas has grown immensely over the last couple of years in both infrastructure and employees. One of the most prominent new structures to pop up in the last year has been the High Bay.

The High Bay is the final place Starship prototypes go to finish their constructions before being sent to the launch site to begin their testing campaign. Elon Musk has shared that they wish to build a bar at the top of this building and invite the public up there to view the landscape and launches of full Starship vehicles from just a couple of miles away.

While the upper portions are still being developed, very few images have been shared from inside the manufacturing area. Most of what we can see is only available from the outside looking in but someone has shared with us a look from the top of the huge building on social media. It looks to be a SpaceX employee who shared the climb up on the elevator and then the view from the top of Boca Chica.

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