KSC Visitor Complex Updates: Delta II rocket display and Apollo/Saturn V Center now open

The Visitor Complex at Kennedy Space Center has reopened one of its must-see exhibits and just unveiled the Delta II display! With the Coronavirus still very much a hazard, the KSC Visitor Complex has implemented new procedures to keep you safe while still being able to see the amazing Saturn V. Additionally, the latest addition to the Rocket Garden was officially unveiled today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Delta II Display Officially Open

After its final flight carrying the ICESat-2 payload in 2018, Delta II has found a new home among the historic giants in the Rocket Garden. United Launch Alliance and the Visitor Complex held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday morning marking the official completion of the display.

Coming in at 128 feet (38.9 meters) Delta II is the tallest, vertical rocket featured in the Rocket Garden. The Delta II on display sports the 7320-10C setup. Let’s break that name down.

The 7 is the denotation for the 7000 series Delta II (There was a 6000 series too). The 3 means there are three Solid Rocket Boosters. The 2 was always used to denote a second stage of the vehicle. The 0 means there is no third stage. The -10C means the payload fairing has a diameter of 10 feet (3 meters).

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Highlights from the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by Jenny Hautmann

Apollo/Saturn V Center has Reopened

With new processes in place and permission from Kennedy Space Center, guests will now be able to return to the Apollo/Saturn V Center once again, just shy of a year since the park’s reopening.

Guests who had visited the center before COVID-19 will immediately notice some differences. You will now have to make a reservation, either with your phone or at a Self-Serve Kiosk, to make the trek. This reservation system reduces the queue lines for the buses and so they can control the number of visitors at the center.

Apollo/Saturn V Center Image Credit: KSC Visitor Complex/Delaware North

Important Notes

  • Reservations are First-Come, First-Serve
  • Reservation times are every half hour starting at 10 AM Local until two hours before park close
  • Reservations are not required for return to the main complex
  • Large groups, those with disabilities, and those with mobility devices should see a park associate for reservations

Guests should arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before their scheduled time. Guests should also make sure they are following Visitor Complex Health and Safety Procedures by utilizing social distancing markers in the queue before boarding. Masks are required just like they are anywhere else in the park.

Buses are not operating at full capacity with staggered seating and are sanitized after each group. They also get a thorough cleaning at the end of the day.

Before COVID-19, guests would also get a little tour around the Vehicle Assembly Building and a drive-by Launch Complex 39A and B before arriving at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. However, the trip to the center is now direct.

Click here to visit the reservation page. Do note that the reservations tend to go fast once the park opens.

If you have any other questions about the KSC Visitor Complex’s COVID-19 Procedures, check out their Trusted Spaces page where they have FAQs along with what they are doing to ensure your safety!

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