[Update: Scrub, Road back open] SpaceX static fires Starship SN11 for the third time, flight could come later today

SpaceX is planning on flying their newest Starship vehicle today but first, they needed to get a third static fire out of the way. All the necessary closures have been scheduled with the FAA and Cameron County to allow SpaceX to fly their vehicle up to 10 km today.

Third Starship static fire

Earlier this week SpaceX teams in Boca Chica, Texas repaired parts of a Raptor engine after a static fire last week. Whenever there is a repair or replacement of a Raptor engine on a Starship vehicle SpaceX will then conduct another static fire for a few seconds to ensure everything is ready for flight.

The static fire took place early this morning, which makes sense since SpaceX will need a lot of time to review this data to prepare for a flight later today. We know that SpaceX is also working towards a flight today because it was mentioned in the road closure notice by the Cameron County Judge.

SpaceX has until 7:30 PM Local today to get Starship ready to fly. We should get confirmation of a successful static fire later today either by a tweet from Elon Musk or on the SpaceX website announcing the flight. Stay tuned here for more information throughout the day as we get closer to a flight.

SN11 Flight Updates

Friday, March 26, 10:09 AM Local: Residents have been asked to evacuate Boca Chica by noon local today. That will give SpaceX 7 and a half hours to prepare Starship SN11 for flight.

Friday, March 26, 2:40 PM Local: Per Cameron County website the road and beach are now reopened and testing has concluded for the day.


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