[Video] ‘Get to the Choppa!’ Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks on Mars Helicopter Ingenuity

Mars helicopter Ingenuity is in preparation for flight early tomorrow. As the first powered and controlled flight on Mars, the small helicopter Ingenuity will pave the way for a new future in planetary exploration.

These new possibilities are exciting for many people around the world. One of those people who has spoken out about Ingenuity is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He released a brief video on his Twitter during which he expressed his excitement for the new mission, as well as the new photos and videos it will provide. Schwarzenegger is not the only celebrity to express their support for the mission. Singer/songwriter Enrique Iglesias also expressed his excitement for the historic event.

NASA’s JPL will be live-streaming from mission control starting at 6:15am EST tomorrow as the first data from the flight attempt is relayed back down to Earth.

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