[Update: Confirmed] Is Coldplay about to launch music from space? Here’s why fans think so

Update May 5, 2021: Coldplay has confirmed that it will premiere its new “Higher Power” single on May 7 with a link to the International Space Station.

Coldplay fans have been busy over the last several weeks trying to decipher clues about a new album or single set to be released by the band on May 7. One of the theories gaining traction is that Coldplay could be about to launch music from space…

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Downlink uses real-time satellite imagery to create gorgeous live wallpapers for Mac

Looking for new Mac desktop imagery? Downlink is a nifty menu bar app that aims to provide you with instant access to a collection of wallpapers for macOS, created using live feeds from a trio of satellites to provide the “freshest images of Earth” possible.

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SpaceX wallpapers from designer ‘AR7’ celebrate historic NASA astronaut launch

Looking to celebrate last weekend’s historic SpaceX NASA launch? Graphic designer AR7 has crafted some gorgeous iPhone wallpapers to commemorate the first SpaceX launch with humans. Check them out below.

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