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Interested in space for many years, Derek recently moved to Florida and has been producing rocket launch videos ever since.

Derek recently joined the Space Explored team and has expanded in to writing, covering space related events form around the world.

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Derek Wise's favorite gear

PHOPIK Travel Tripod

This is the tripod I use for my remote camera's which I leave at launch pads.

Canon SL1

This is the camera I use for my remote setups. Being an older camera, there can be some great deals if you find it used.

MIOPS Smart Trigger

This is the sound trigger I use in my Remote setup. The convenience of the system is unbeatable.

Starlink Timeline

SpaceX has been launching so many Starlink missions they have become a regular occurrence on Florida’s Space Coast. With this many launches, it has become hard to keep track of all the important moments from the Starlink program. We have both a timeline of major events; and a table of every Starlink launch at the bottom of the article.

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What is Starlink?

First announced in 2015, Starlink is a constellation of satellites by SpaceX intended to provide a high-speed and low-latency connection to the internet anywhere in the world. SpaceX hopes to bring the connection speed of Starlink up to 10 Gigabits per second.

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Mars Helicopter Ingenuity spots Perseverance Rover on Mars surface while in flight

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity completed its third flight on Sunday. Images and video have been arriving back on Earth since then, and on Tuesday a notable image arrived.

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SpaceX Crew-2 astronaut launch and booster return, ‘Shot on iPhone’ edition

On April 23 at 5:49 a.m. EDT, SpaceX launched their Crew-2 mission. Its Falcon 9 rocket carried astronauts Shane Kimbrough, Megan McArthur, Akihiko Hoshide and Thomas Pesquet to the International Space Station in Crew Dragon capsule Endeavour.

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Mars Helicopter team holds AMA

At 4pm Eastern, the Mars Helicopter team will be having a Reddit Ask Me Anything.

[Gallery] SpaceX launches Crew 2 on a reflown booster and Crew Dragon capsule

On April 23rd, at 5:49 ET SpaceX launched a Dragon 2 Crew Capsule to the International Space Station.

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Virgin Orbit selected to launch 6 imaging satellites to low Earth orbit

In a press release Wednesday, Virgin Orbit announced that they were selected by geospatial analytics company Hypersat, and QinetiQ, a defense and security company, to launch 6 hyperspectral satellites into low earth orbit.

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Mars Helicopter Ingenuity prepares for second flight

Tomorrow, April 22nd, Mars Helicopter Ingenuity will be making its second flight.

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Firefly Aerospace shares timelapse of Alpha going vertical

On April 12th, Firefly Aerospace shared photos of their first Alpha rocket going vertical on the launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force base, and today they shared a timelapse of the lift.

Google celebrates historic Mars Helicopter flight with a custom search page

After the announcement of the first successful flight of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter people have taken to social media to share their excitement, including companies and celebrities.

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