Jim Bridenstine lands at aerospace investment firm in post-NASA gig

Republican Congressman from Oklahoma turned NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has already found his next gig after resigning from the space agency to make way for the next NASA leader.

Steve Jurczyk becomes Acting Administrator of NASA as Jim Bridenstine shares farewell video

The United States has a new President, and NASA has a new top boss. NASA’s Associate Administrator has been elevated to the position of Acting Administrator following the resignation of Jim Bridenstine.

NASA audit breaks down 7 challenges space agency faces including astronaut Moon mission

The Office of Inspector General has published a 52-page report that lays out seven critical challenges pressing NASA in 2020. From cybersecurity risks to outdated infrastructure, the OIG report describes top management and performance opportunities. Also included is a four-page response from the current NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine.

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NASA administrators speak at ASCEND Conference about the future of space exploration

On the heels of a successful arrival and docking of SpaceX’s Crew 1 mission to the International Space Station, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine and associate administrator of the Human Exploration Mission Directorate Kathy Lueders spoke at the ASCEND industry conference about what they think the future of low-Earth orbit, the Moon, and Mars will be like.

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NASA wants to pay someone to collect rocks on the Moon as a lunar commerce proof of concept

Sending the first woman and next man to the Moon isn’t the only lunar goal NASA has for 2024. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced today that the space agency is seeking a commercial company capable of collecting moon rocks for NASA to purchase.

The interesting twist is that the company or companies awarded contracts won’t be required to bring the Moon rocks back to Earth. The objective is simply to demonstrate commerce on the Moon as a concept toward building a sustainable presence on the lunar surface and beyond.

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Ground Control to Major Tom: NASA and SpaceX shooting film in space with Tom Cruise

Update July 23: Variety reports new details including a $200 million budget, the use of SpaceX’s Dragon Crew capsule, and Universal expected to back the film. Original story from May below:

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine to speak at new ASCEND space economy event in November

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is one name among many space industry heavy hitters that will be present at the inaugural ASCEND space economy event in Las Vegas, Nevada, later this year.

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Live: VP Pence and NASA Administrator Bridenstine speak at NASA Langley Research Center

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and Vice President Mike Pence are speaking to NASA employees at Langley Research Center about National Space Council Directives, Artemis, and more.

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