Can you make it as a Blue Origin Astronaut?

Blue Origin released details on the requirements their astronauts will need to fly their New Shepard rocket. Do you have what it takes to fly on the first crewed flight this July?

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Blue Origin to auction off first New Shepard seat to the highest bidder

Over the last year, many have thought about when will Blue Origin finish testing their New Shephard rocket and finally launch their first crewed flight. Well, the wait is finally over.

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Blue Origin says ‘It’s Time’ for first flight ticket sales

The secret company from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos shared a video this morning to announce you have a chance to buy a ticket on their first crewed New Shepard flight.

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Blue Origin preparing ‘astronaut rehearsal’ launch this Wednesday

Blue Origin announced this weekend that they will attempt to launch their 15th New Shepard flight later this week. This marks the second flight for New Shephard this year following the January flight of Blue’s 4th vehicle, the first built for future crewed flights.

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Blue Origin gearing up for second flight of 2021 and possibly first crewed flight

Still in the afterglow of Blue Origin’s 14th flight of its New Shepard rocket, Jeff Bezos’ space tourism venture is planning another suborbital rocket launch to keep the momentum going in 2021. According to reports, these next missions could be some of the biggest in the company’s history.

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Watch Blue Origin launch its New Shepard NS-14 mission with ‘Mannequin Skywalker’ onboard

Blue Origin is launching a New Shepard rocket for its NS-14 mission from West Texas today at 11:57 a.m. EST (16:57 UTC). NS-14 is the first mission for Jeff Bezos’ rocket company in 2021 and only the third New Shepard mission in the last 13 months.

In the future, Blue Origin plans to fly passengers on the New Shepard vehicle. The suborbital rocket travels to the Karman line that defines space then lands near the launch site. Passengers will see the planet from space and experience zero gravity for a few magical minutes before returning to the surface of Earth.

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[Update: Launch Day!] Source: Blue Origin targeting September for 1st New Shepard sub-orbital flight of 2020

October 13: Launch day has arrived! Tune in below!

October 12: Launch attempt now set for October 13 at 9:35 a.m. ET.

September 24: Launch scrubbed due to power supply issue.

September 22: Now official for September 24 at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT.

September 18: Space Explored has learned that Blue Origin is targeting Wednesday, September 23, for this launch. The suborbital flight test will also include NASA technology to enable precision landing without a pilot, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine revealed on Friday, September 18. This autonomous landing tech is intended for use for a lunar landing system. Original story from August 10, 2020 below.

Blue Origin, the rocket company created by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, appears to be planning its first sub-orbital flight of 2020. Space Explored has learned that Blue Origin is planning to attempt the 13th launch of its New Shepard vehicle in September.

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Blue Origin launches New Glenn and New Shepard merch store

Blue Origin is not the most public-facing rocket company on the planet.

Try to take a close-up shot of the front of Blue Origin’s Orbital Launch System manufacturing facility in Florida, and a very friendly security guard will insist that you immediately exit the parking lot.

This doesn’t deter space fans from closely following the rocket company founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Starting today, Blue Origin is taking a cue from the billionaire’s other company and launching an online store.

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Blue Origin completes 7 meter fairing for giant New Glenn rocket, New Shepard testing continues

Blue Origin announced the completion of its 7 meter fairing for New Glenn today with two behind-the-scenes videos.

Blue Origin isn’t just working on New Glenn, a giant rocket with double the usable volume of existing rockets.

The Jeff Bezos-owned space company is testing its New Shepard with a goal of taking paying customers to space. Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith said this to Miriam Kramer at Axios today regarding that mission:

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