Sierra Nevada receives approval for Dream Chaser to use Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility

Ahead of Dream Chaser’s debut flight next year, Sierra Nevada Corporation announced that the spaceplane will be landing at the former Shuttle Landing Facility when it returns from its demonstration stay at the International Space Station (ISS).

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Sierra Space announced; SNC Dream Chaser, future space ventures going independent

It was announced today that Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Space Systems division would be splitting off into its own, independent company. This move comes shortly after SNC announced their future plans for space, including an inflatable space station.

SNC has a long history of working on space systems, and Sierra Space further emphasizes its commitment to achieving its goals. Moving the Space Systems division independent will likely result in these goals reaching fruition faster.

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Sierra Nevada wants to build its own commercial space station in low Earth orbit

During a press conference today at their offices in Louisville, Colorado about the commercialization of low Earth orbit Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced a plan to build a new space station in low Earth orbit. SNC has been a major defense and aerospace contractor since the 60s and is currently building the Dream Chaser spaceplane for NASA’s Commercial Resupply 2 contract and is projected to fly in 2022.

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FAA clears path for Dream Chaser landing with Space Florida reentry approval at NASA shuttle site

This week the FAA gave approval to Space Florida to be able to operate space reentry operations at NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility in Kennedy Space Center. This will allow for commercial operations to take place at the runway for commercial companies.

Sierra Nevada Corporation targets Pentagon with Washington DC Metro system ad campaign

Sierra Nevada Corporation, maker of the mini-shuttle-esque Dream Chaser spacecraft, is targeting Washington D.C. Metro system travelers in an advertising campaign focused on the Pentagon.

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