SpaceX Stock Overview Updated December 1, 2020

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Can you buy part of SpaceX?

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July 2020

What is SpaceX stock?

SpaceX is not a publicly traded company. That means you cannot buy SpaceX stock in the public market. Unless you are extremely wealthy or have a large stake in a company that has a stake in SpaceX, it’s unlikely you will ever be able to own anything resembling SpaceX shares.

SpaceX still does of course have stakeholders. Founder Elon Musk, who also founded famed electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, funded the company initially with funds from his sale of popular online payments platform PayPal. Other equity firms, like Founders Fund and Valor Equity Partners, also have significant stake in SpaceX.

How to buy SpaceX stock

As mentioned, the only people buying SpaceX stock aren’t individuals — they’re large corporations and equity firms. For instance, Google and Fidelity together invested around a billion dollars in 2015 for a 10% stake in the company.

SpaceX stock price

SpaceX is not a publicly traded company; therefore, publicly traded SpaceX stock (which doesn’t exist) has no price.

If SpaceX did have publicly traded stock, it would cumulatively be worth around $36 billion — that’s how much the company was worth as of its last investment round, making it one of the most valuable private companies in the world.

SpaceX stock symbol

SpaceX is not a publicly traded company; therefore, publicly traded SpaceX stock (which doesn’t exist) has no stock ticker symbol. If it did have one, SPCX would probably be a good fit.

SpaceX stock graph and price history

Since SpaceX is not a publicly traded company, as mentioned, there is no publicly available stock graph or price history of note.

When will SpaceX go public?

It’s not known when SpaceX will go public, if ever. Elon Musk and SpaceX have reiterated on many occasions that the short-term demands of shareholders would be a conflict of interest with the company’s long-term ambitions. A company related to SpaceX, Starlink, which offers satellite internet service, may go public at some point, however.

Check out this SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch remotely captured with an iPhone 8 Plus

SpaceX is scheduled to send its tenth batch of Starlink internet satellites to space on a Falcon 9 rocket in less than 24 hours. The payload will also include two Earth observation satellites from Seattle-based BlackSky Global.

The Starlink 9 mission follows the successful launch of a next generation GPS satellite for the U.S. Space Force on June 30. Photographer Michael Cain, who has been shooting rocket launches for three years, decided to try a different camera for capturing SpaceX’s previous launch: the iPhone.

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