SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.) Overview Updated May 5, 2021

SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.)

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SpaceX, a private spaceflight company, was founded in 2002 by billionaire Elon Musk with one goal in mind, to get people excited about the future. He believed that the best way to do that was by expanding humanity out into the stars.

The more specific goals of SpaceX are to reduce the cost of space transportation and enable the colonization of Mars. Over the past 20 years, the private space company has developed and produced multiple different launch vehicles as well as its Starlink broadband service. These launch vehicles include the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and Starship.

SpaceX has also gained worldwide attention for many of the milestones that it has achieved. Arguably the most significant of these achievements was creating the reusable Falcon 9 rocket, which allows the first stage of the rocket to be used multiple times over in launching payloads into orbit.



On the anniversary of Alan Shepard’s historic flight, SpaceX lands Starship SN15 successfully

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s fateful flight, now today will mark another first. The first successful landing of a Starship vehicle by SpaceX.

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[Update: Launched] SpaceX will attempt to launch another booster for the 9th time

With their continued push to launch as much as they possibly can this year, SpaceX will attempt to launch their 26th Starlink mission tomorrow.

Date: Tuesday, May 4th, 3:01 PM EDT

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[Update: Starship flight scrubed] SpaceX doubleheader: Starship SN15 and Falcon 9 plan for flights today

Not very often do we get two launches on the same day from the same company but today we might just see that take place. Two SpaceX rockets are on their respective launch pads counting down toward two launches later today.

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Starlink Timeline

SpaceX has been launching so many Starlink missions they have become a regular occurrence on Florida’s Space Coast. With this many launches, it has become hard to keep track of all the important moments from the Starlink program. We have both a timeline of major events; and a table of every Starlink launch at the bottom of the article.

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What is Starlink?

First announced in 2015, Starlink is a constellation of satellites by SpaceX intended to provide a high-speed and low-latency connection to the internet anywhere in the world. SpaceX hopes to bring the connection speed of Starlink up to 10 Gigabits per second.

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SpaceX Crew-1 returns back to Earth after Dragon’s first 6-month stay in space

After a 6-month stay at the International Space Station (ISS), SpaceX’s first operational crew mission returned early this morning back on Earth.

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The FAA approves launches of SpaceX’s Starship SN15, SN16, and SN17

In a statement today, the FAA has approved a multi-launch license for SpaceX’s next 3 Starship prototype vehicles. With the soonest launch happening possibly this week.

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[Dynetics joins in protest] Blue Origin to challenge the selection of SpaceX’s Starship for human lander contract

Back on April 16th, NASA announced that SpaceX would win the bid for Artemis’ Human Landing System contract. After a year-long competition, Blue Origin disagrees with the selection and hopes to get it changed.

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[Update: Launched] SpaceX to launch their 25th batch of Starlink satellites into orbit

After the successful flight last week for the Crew-2 mission, SpaceX is planning to launch their next batch of Starlink satellites to expand their worldwide internet constellation.

Date: Wednesday, April 28th, 11:44 PM EDT

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SpaceX Boca Chica teams getting ready for the first flight of Starship SN15

After what seems to be a successful static fire Monday afternoon of the three Raptor engines. SpaceX is getting ready for another Starship flight of the upgraded SN15.

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