AgniKul Cosmos has partnered with the Department of Space to progress its launch vehicle development program

India-based rocket manufacturer AgniKul Cosmos recently announced that it had signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Department of Space (DoS). Under this new agreement, AgniKul will be allowed to access the facilities and technical assistance of various Indian Space Research Organizations (ISRO).

This marks the first agreement with the DoS of its kind, coming immediately after the DoS established its IN-SPACe entity. IN-SPACe is a new regulatory body tasked with enabling private companies to partake in space-related activities within India.

The agreement will enable AgniKul to make significant progress with its launch vehicle development, which will ultimately enable rapid space access to anyone in India launching a small satellite.

“ISRO’s support to startups at an early stage is a strong sense of encouragement for all of us looking to build Space technology in India,” said Srinath Ravichandran, CEO and cofounder of AgniKul Cosmos. “It is an unforgettable moment for all of us at Agnikul to be the first player in the country to be signing such an agreement.”

AgniKul Cosmos is a private space company specializing in manufacturing, testing, and launching orbital-class rockets for both micro and nanosatellites. The company’s goal has always been to help anyone who may want to launch a small satellite into space. This new agreement will no doubt be paramount in moving forward with this goal.

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