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"High-speed internet access across the globe"

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Starlink is a high-speed satellite internet company that was launched by SpaceX in 2019 when the first batch of 60 operational satellites was launched into orbit. In October 2020, SpaceX began rolling out a public beta of the Starlink service, which the company claims will include “near-global coverage of the populated world in 2021.” 

Each Starlink satellite weighs about 500 pounds and is about the size of the average dinner table. At the time of writing this (January 20, 2021), SpaceX has launched over 1,000 of these satellites into orbit around the Earth with plans to have 30,000 in the constellation eventually. 

The Starlink service works by beaming information through the vacuum of space directly to individual user terminals down on Earth. This internet delivery method is much more efficient as the information travels through space almost 50% quicker than via fiber-optic cable. 

For the public beta of the service, customers pay a $499 upfront costs, which includes the Starlink starter kit that consists of all of the necessary hardware. Customers must also pay a $99 monthly fee to use the service. Speeds vary from 50Mb/s to 150Mb/s with latency from 20ms to 40ms in most locations. 



[Update: Payload Deployment Confirmed] SpaceX’s 10th mission of 2021 to be another 60 Starlink satellites

SpaceX is planning to launch their 10th Falcon 9 rocket of 2021 with another 60 satellites for their worldwide internet constellation, Starlink. Seven out of SpaceX’s 10 launches this year have been missions solely dedicated to building out their constellation and expand Starlink’s coverage.

Date: Wednesday, April 7th, 12:34 PM EDT / 4:34 PM UTC

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[Update: Launch Video] SpaceX to send up 23rd batch of Starlink internet satellites

After a week-long hiatus of launches, SpaceX is planning to launch another batch of 60 satellites for their Starlink internet constellation. This will use up to 12,000 satellites to provide high-speed internet service around the globe with zero interruption. If launched by the end of the month, this will tie SpaceX’s record of 4 launches in a single calendar month.

Date: Wednesday, March 24th, 4:28 AM EDT

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[Update: Launched!] SpaceX to launch their 22nd batch of Starlink satellites

On the heels of their last launch earlier this week, SpaceX is already planning to launch their next batch of 60 Starlink satellites into orbit as soon as this weekend. Starlink will provide worldwide high-speed internet through the use of thousands of satellites in low earth orbit.

Date: Sunday, March 14th, 6:01 AM EDT

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