How to watch NASA’s epic 8-minute-long Space Launch System rocket core stage hot fire test

This Saturday NASA and their contractors are planning on conducting the final Green Run test for NASA’s Artemis-1 core stage of the Space Launch System rocket. This will be the only time the stage will be fired for a full 8 minutes before its flight.

Mark your calendar

The 2-hour window for the final test to begin opens at 5 p.m. EST. NASA will make their final Go/No-Go pull on Saturday morning to decide if teams are ready to begin fueling the vehicle. Fueling will take place shortly after this call and will take most of the day to finish. Fueling using barges to bring the fuel to the B-2 test stand in Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

NASA is planning on broadcasting the full test live on NASA TV which can be found on your local TV networks, NASA’s website, and NASA’s YouTube page. Their broadcast will begin at 4:20 p.m. EST and will conclude with a post-test briefing by NASA officials two hours after the test.

This will be a major miles stone for the SLS program as well as the Artemis program. When this test is finished, NASA can move its work toward getting it ready to launch SLS and Orion by the end of this year.

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