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Want a piece of SpaceX history? This shiny dinosaur is selling out fast

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were not the only crew inside the SpaceX Dragon Endeavour this weekend. A plush dinosaur named Tremor was a stowaway revealed by zero gravity.

Much like Earthy who joined Ripley in the uncrewed SpaceX Dragon test flight for the Demo-1 mission in 2019, Tremor is a charming passenger who will forever be remembered for the first SpaceX flight with humans on board.

Naturally, Tremor is a must-have piece of SpaceX launch history for space fans.

The Ty Flippables Tremor Aqua & Pink Sequin Dinosaur retails for around $5-$15 USD, and resellers are already taking the opportunity to turn a profit. There’s even a weird Amazon listing that uses the SpaceX event to describe the dinosaur’s significance.

SpaceX even sold one of its own briefly before presumably running out and taking the listing down.

If you’re looking to acquire your own Tremor (*raises hand*), there are a few retailers with limited supply in stores (see Michaels and JOANN). Note that the latter retailer carries regular and medium versions.

As for Ty, the maker of Tremor is very aware of the dinosaur’s destination. Check out the unique banner assigned to the sold out doll: