SpaceX finally gets GPS mission off the ground and into space

After an abort shortly before liftoff and weeks of troubleshooting. The brand new Falcon 9 booster launched from SLC-40 last night without any problems. This is a good sign for making sure SpaceX’s Crew 1 mission doesn’t get pushed back, since their booster also needed work for a similar issue they found when inspecting their fleet after the GPS abort.

Booster B1062 performed its mission perfectly and landed safely on SpaceX’s drone ship, Of Course I Still Love You. No word from SpaceX if GO Ms. Chief successfully recovered any fairings. SpaceX charted a local ship call Big Stone Leader to help Ms. Chief recover the fairings since its sister ship, Ms. Tree, is out for repairs. These ships and their support ships should be due back into port within the next few days if everything is well.

By Daryl Sausse for Space Explored
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