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Reddit AMA with SpaceX’s first test and launch director

Eric Berger, the author of the new book “Liftoff” which tells the story of the early days of SpaceX, will be hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread today at 6 PM EDT alongside SpaceX’s first launch director Tim Buzza.

Before the days of launching the majority of US payloads into space, SpaceX was struggling to just get their small Falcon 1 rocket to the pad. Released on March 2nd, Berger’s book details the struggle it took SpaceX and those early employees to just get their new rocket to a launch site, let alone even launch it.

Back then, those tasks were delegated to Tim Buzza who was SpaceX’s first test and launch director and personally looked after the rockets and launch pads in those early years. From flagging down flying tents covering ground systems during storms to being laughed out by local sheriffs about them testing rocket engines, he has seen a lot and helped build SpaceX up to what it is today.

Submit your questions in today or order Berger’s book available on Amazon.


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