[Update: Confirmed] Is Coldplay about to launch music from space? Here’s why fans think so

Update May 5, 2021: Coldplay has confirmed that it will premiere its new “Higher Power” single on May 7 with a link to the International Space Station.

Coldplay fans have been busy over the last several weeks trying to decipher clues about a new album or single set to be released by the band on May 7. One of the theories gaining traction is that Coldplay could be about to launch music from space…

The backstory here is that mysterious social media accounts and billboards in major cities started appearing under the “Alien Radio FM” branding several weeks ago. Since then, the accounts have posted teasers using a cryptic “Alien Radio” language.

Avid Coldplay fans and social media accounts have successfully deciphered the language, translating the posts to a new song (or album) called “Higher Power,” being released on May 7. Coldplay also confirmed their association with Alien Radio in their newsletter and on Twitter.

The space theory

The “Alien Radio” branding and “Higher Power” name have an obvious space theme to them, but there is much more to the theory. ColdplayXtra on Twitter recently discovered a quote in the source of the Alien Radio FM website from Buzz Aldrin:

“The moon I see now is the same moon I saw before. Except that before, when I looked at it, it was in anticipation of what it would be like when I got there. That’s behind me now.”

The first promo image for Higher Power

The same account also spotted that the Alien Radio account on Twitter only follows 42 people, including astronaut Thomas Pesquet. As we’ve noted before, Pesquet is currently in space on the Expedition 65 mission aboard the International Space Station.

Pesquet himself also appears to be a major Coldplay fan, having previously referenced the band in interviews and included their songs in his Spotify playlists. It would make perfect sense for Coldplay to team up with Pesquet on the launch of their new single.

Every day on social media, Alien Radio posts new cryptic messages, including audio clips that are meant to sound like messages coming from space. On the Alien Radio website, there is a clip that refers specifically to playing music in space.

The May 7 release date for “Higher Power” also happens to coincide with National Space Day.

The European Space Agency is also getting invovled in the fun on Twitter:

Whether or not Coldplay actually launch their new “Higher Power” single from space remains to be seen. Loyal fans, however, know that each Coldplay album is associated with a broader “era” for the band. This influences their artwork, tours, clothing, and more for all of the promotion surrounding that album.

Even if “Higher Power” isn’t launched from space, all of this evidence makes it clear that the new Coldplay era will be highly focused on space and exploration beyond earth in search of a “Higher Power.” Now, we just have to wait and see as more tidbits are released ahead of May 7.

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